Region 5 Dive Team - Code of Ethics
As members of the Region Five Dive Team we will act in an ethical and respectable manner that reflects what is expected of us as public safety professionals in all that we do both during and outside of team activities, training, business, and emergency response.

Professional Excellence
To best provide service to those we serve, the membership of the Region Five Dive Team will work towards professional excellence by:
  • Continually working to improve one’s own ability, training level, and education.
  • Encourage others to better themselves through training, education, and teamwork.
  • Be active in the public safety and emergency response community though continually striving for improvement.
  • Always work to the best of one’s ability.
  • Always be open to improvement and change for the better.
  • Always look towards improvements elsewhere in the water rescue, public safety, and other professions to find ways to improve response and management.

Serve the Public
The Region Five Dive Team is an organization made to serve the public and we will do this ethically by:
  • Making decisions in the best interests of the public, those that we serve.
  • When dealing with the public, remain open to their concerns and interests, and respond in as professional a manner as possible.
  • Strongly oppose discrimination and harassment in all form, promote acceptance and tolerance.
  • Promote the right to know of those we serve.
  • When dealing with the public exercise compassion, tolerance, and fairness.

Personal Integrity and Accountability
To maintain a level of confidence and trust from the public and other response organizations, the members of the Region Five Dive Team will act with integrity and accountability by:
  • Always being honest and truthful in all situations.
  • Giving credit where credit is due.
  • Being respectful to all, this includes superior’s peers, subordinates, and the public.
  • Always taking responsibility for one’s own actions.
  • Always being accountable to oneself, the organization, and the public.
  • Avoiding conflicts of interest in all situations such as, nepotism, improper employment, misuse of resources, acceptance of gifts, and anything seen as a conflict of interest or improper.
  • Always maintaining a professional outward appearance. We represent the organization on and off duty.
  • Be impartial in decision-making and actions, be fair to all.
  • And above all else, do what is right because it is right, not because it is popular.
Contributed by Lt. Joseph LaFreniere - May 2017

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